One fault phenomenon: low volume efficiency and low pressure

  1. Reasons

1) Individual blades move in the rotor slot insensitively and even get stuck

2) The blade or rotor is reversed

3) The axial clearance is too large and the internal leakage is serious

4) The inner curve of the stator exhibits scratch marks, resulting in poor contact with the outer curve of the inner curve of the blade

5) Wear of the inner hole of the oil distribution pan

6) The gap between the blade and the rotor slot is too large

7) The stator oil inlet cavity is seriously worn, the blade tip is cracked or brushed, etc.

8) Poor oil intake

9) About YBP variable pump

  1. Improper adjustment of current compression spring or spring fatigue, eccentricity is too small, resulting in lack of pump flow;

  2. The flow adjustment screw is improperly adjusted, because when the variable pump is below the limit pressure, the flow screw can be adjusted to change the maximum eccentricity of the stator. If the adjustment is not correct, it will affect the pump's oil delivery.

  3. Sliding sleeve stuck in the air

  4. Other same-quantity vane pumps

  5. Cleaning method

1) Check the fit gap, if the fit gap is too small, single slot grinding and matching

2) Correct the blade or rotor direction

3) See the repair of the main parts of the vane pump

4) Stop grinding on an internal grinder equipped with special cam tools

5) Serious wear and tear, need to replace the new oil pan

6) Single blade according to rotor blade slot

7) The stator is usually worn in the oil inlet cavity, which can be installed by turning 180°, and the positioning hole is reprocessed and positioned at a symmetrical position; the blade tip is defective or severely worn, and should be re-grinded.

8) Clarify the oil filter, periodically change the working oil, check whether the viscosity of the working oil is too large or too small, add enough oil in the oil sump, etc.

9) About YBP variable pump

  1. Re-constant the compression amount of the current compression spring or change the compression spring

  2. Readjust the flow adjustment screw

  3. Make the slide sleeve move sensitively in the hole

  4. Same fixed vane pump


Two problems: no oil from the pump

  1. Reasons

1) The pump rotation direction is reversed

2) The blade and the rotor slot are too tight and stuck

3) The oil level is too low

4) The oil sticks too much, making the blade move insensitively

5) With regard to the YBP variable pump, if the axial gap is too small, the stator swings on the swing shaft insensitively, or even the stator is stuck, etc., so that the stator is not eccentric

6) The pump body has casting defects such as sand holes, air holes and looseness, and the upper and lower pressure oils communicate with each other

7) Poor contact between the oil distribution plate and the housing, the oil presses up and down to communicate

8) Broken spline shaft

  1. Cleaning method

1) Correct the direction of pump rotation

2) Single blade, so that each blade moves sensitively in the rotor slot

3) Regularly check the oil in the oil sump and fill to the rule line of the oil standard

4) Interchangeable oil with lower viscosity

5) After repair, make the axial clearance suitable and make the stator swing sensitively on the swing axis

6) Change the pump body

7) As the oil distribution pan is easily deformed under the action of pressure oil, the contact surface of the oil distribution pan should be repaired and adjusted

8) Change the spline shaft


Three faults: loud noise

  1. Reasons

1) Stator inner curvature and outer surface roughening

2) The throttle groove of the oil pressure window of the oil distribution plate is too short

3) The sealing ring of the main shaft is too tight (the hand and the end cover are hot by hand)

4) The blade chamfer is too small

5) The oil inlet is not tightly sealed and air is mixed in

6) Poor oil intake

7) Poor coaxiality of pump oil and motor shaft

8) Working under pressure beyond the rules, which not only produces noise, but also significantly reduces the service life of the pump

9) Motor vibration or other mechanical vibrations affect pump vibration

10) The pressure oil chambers of the two pumps press up and down to communicate, or when using an accumulator, the high pressure oil flows back into the pump

  1. Cleaning method

1) Polished stator inner curved surface

2) Grind the end face of the oil pan and the side of the blade so that the verticality is within 0.01mm

3) In order to distinguish the phenomenon of trapped oil and noise, when there is a throttle groove at the pressure oil chamber of the oil distribution pan, the adjacent one should be opened

4) Properly exchange the sealing rings

5) Chamfer or process one side of the original blade into a circular arc shape, the purpose is to reduce the sudden change of the force when the blade moves

6) Tighten the connectors of the oil inlet pipe

7) Add enough oil, increase the area of ​​the oil inlet pipe, distinguish the dirt of the oil filter, and exchange it with a less viscous oil, etc.

8) Correct the coaxiality, the request is not greater than 0.1mm

9) Under normal conditions, it should be operated below the rated pressure of the pump

10) Install a one-way valve in the system to avoid high pressure oil being poured into the pump

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