Hexagon Socket Head Bolt has the characteristics of high strength, ease of use, corrosion resistance, safety, diversity, economy, etc. It is widely used in subways, outdoor facilities and equipment, automobiles, shipbuilding and other important industries. Choosing the reliable Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is particularly important and needs to be determined The categories, varieties and specifications of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, regarding the selection principle of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt,  China Fasteners Suppliers - only high-standard parts, let me give you a brief talk.

  1. Determine the category:

       The professional Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is divided into ten categories: bolts, nuts, screws, studs, washers, self-tapping screws, rivets, pins, retaining rings, and wood screws. The selection should be based on the use of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt and its Use the function to determine.


        Second, determine the standards and varieties:

  1. Selection principle of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt varieties:

      (1) Considering the efficiency of processing and assembly, within the same machine or project, the variety of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt should be minimized.

      (2) For economic considerations, the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt product should be preferred.

      (3) According to the expected use requirements of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, the selected varieties can be determined according to the type, mechanical performance, precision and thread.

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  1. Determine the mechanical performance level of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt:

      (1) Understand the performance levels of bolts, screws, studs and nuts;

      (2) Determine the performance level of the set screw;

      (3) Self-tapping screws and self-tapping locking screws. Choose appropriate specifications to meet its general requirements. Its mechanical performance grade is divided into A and B grades, A grade is high strength grade; B grade is low strength grade.


  1. Correctly select the thread and specifications of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

        First of all, the thread must be selected correctly. The coarse thread is versatile and economical. It is suitable for fast fastening operations and repeated loading and unloading. Fine-grained teeth have good anti-loosening properties, high tightening force and strength, and then determine their specifications. Generally speaking, the first series of values ​​should be selected for the diameter specifications, and the specifications other than those specified in the product standards are generally not used for the length specifications, and the specifications that match the diameter and length should prefer the specifications within the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt specifications.


        The above introduces the selection principles of the four Hexagon Socket Head Bolts. Although the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is small, it vigorously promotes the overall success of machinery or engineering. By determining the categories, standards and varieties of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, according to For the occasion of use and its function, select the first-class Hexagon Socket Head Bolt suitable for the project.