Now the elevator, if it is very old, it needs to go even scrapped and rebuilt. Then when the elevator is old, some symptoms will appear. Many people think that elevators should be replaced if they take a long time. In fact, this is not the case. We still have to use the elevators and some parts. Let’s follow the Observation Elevators Manufacturer to see what symptoms will occur when the old elevators are scrapped?

1. Status of use

Whether the elevator needs to be repaired or replaced depends not on the period of time, but on the use of various parts of the elevator. It is divided into several categories such as general maintenance, reconstruction and scrap replacement. For the elevators that have great risks and do not have the value of reconstruction, they need to be scrapped and replaced.

2. Look at the parts

The elevator, like a computer main box, is an'assembly'. In the new national standard, whether the elevator is scrapped is based on these "assemblies". The technical conditions for scrapping these components in the standard are also specified in detail, including 6 types of failure or potential failure modes that affect safe operation, such as mechanical damage, abnormal wear, corrosion, material aging, electrical failure, and electrical component damage. "If the elevator parts are judged to have serious problems according to these technical conditions, the whole machine can be considered scrapped.

3. Transformation issues

Generally, it can take more than 10 years to put the renovation of the old ladder on the agenda. Overhaul generally treats the symptoms but not the root cause. It is to update and repair the original elevator and replace new parts without changing the original elevator specifications and functions. Renovation is to upgrade functions on the basis of the original elevators, such as adding floor stations, adding functions, changing specifications, replacing systems, etc., that is, elevators equal to the new specifications after the renovation, you need to re-accept and obtain an elevator certificate. The overhaul refers to the replacement of the host machine, or the wire rope, etc. The overhaul cannot change the original elevator brand, and the renovation can change the original elevator brand.

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