There are 638 unique rewards in Treasure Trails, you can get many different rewards. Overall, it can help you, the harder scrolling can even grant access to rare items. Each difficulty level has its own set of rewards, including cosmetics such as clothing, weapons, armor, and other neat equipment. You will want to reward yourself for your hard work.

You can also get a certain number of OSRS Gold according to the difficulty. Besides, after completing the corresponding number of scrolls, you can also get expressions and other rewards.

If you want to check the progress, you can use the Treasure Tracking Statistics function. Also, if you own a house, you can view the adventure log. Depending on the number of scrolls you complete (from beginner to novice, then explorer, treasure hunter, expert, elite, master, and finally legend), you will earn a level.

Remember, you must complete more than 2,000 clue scrolls to gain legendary status, but all of us must start somewhere. If you want to catch them, you may need to kill creatures or use related skills to take yourself where you need them. If you don’t have much time in the game, you can choose to Buy RS3 Gold on RSgoldB2C to make your game more efficient.