1. Materials of the filing cabinet:

What kind of base material is used in the filing cabinet and what kind of material is used is the key to the quality of the filing cabinet and the determinant of the price difference. When choosing a filing cabinet, consumers must see what the manufacturer indicates. Substrate.

The file cabinets in the market mainly use four types of base materials: particle board, MDF, large core board and log. There are three kinds of particleboard, MDF and Dali board. The quality and price of the raw materials and processes used by the manufacturers are different. The latter can be 3 to 5 times different.

There are domestic and imported particleboard, and there are differences between moisture-proof and non-moisture-proof. The MDF is divided into low, medium and high density, and it is also divided into waterproof and non-waterproof, imported and domestic. Moisture-proof and waterproof base materials are imported, and the quality is stable and reliable, and it is the material of consumers. When ordering, customers must understand its base material, place of origin, and characteristics. Small samples provided by the manufacturer shall be required for verification during acceptance.

Second, the appearance of the file cabinet:

 The treatment of the appearance of all file cabinets on the market is divided into four categories: double-sided melamine, single-sided fire board, logs, spray paint. The process, quality and cost of the first three are not much different, but the fourth is very different. There are dozens of types of paints, and the sources, prices, and craftsmanship are uneven, and consumers are most fooled. Therefore, when choosing a paint spray cabinet, you must ask what kind of paint the manufacturer uses and what process, and then observe the flatness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, fullness and hardness of the paint surface under the strong light.


3. After-sales and quotation of manufacturers

The so-called "one cent, one cent" is an eternal truth. The price of a brand product is determined by its quality, and it is also guaranteed by the after-sales service. Any manufacturer that has counterfeit, inferior, and low-cost products will never dare to provide after-sales service protection. The after-sales service terms are a manifestation of the manufacturer's confidence in their products and an important standard for testing their quality.


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