Lavatory Cabinet manufacturers share how to solve the problem of sink water?

This is a Japanese-style design where the kitchen sink is better. It has a large basket and a stepped drain. It also has a turbine system, which uses water flow to rotate and clean the pipes. It also reduces the amount of sewers blocked.

Or install a garbage disposer under the sink to smash the rotten leaves and leftovers directly into the sewer. There is no need to worry about the sour smell in the kitchen in summer. The disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly.

If you feel that both of the above are too expensive, or feel unnecessary, there is the simplest and most common method, which is to honestly and practically use disposable filters.

It only looks like a net pocket, but it can make you say goodbye to the trouble of picking the water filter basket. With it, it can ensure that the sewers will not be blocked. It is also very cheap.

The above content is organized and shared by the Stainless Steel Faucets manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.