1. Users of Hexagon Socket Head Boltmust be trained before using the product. The main purpose is to be able to use the product correctly and ensure safety;
  2. In different occasions and different application scenarios, it is necessary to reasonably select the correct model, grade and length of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, and select the appropriate product reasonably;
  3. Each Hexagon Socket Head Bolt must be carefully inspected before use to check whether it is damaged or deformed. If there is damage or deformation, it must be replaced immediately;
  4. The Hexagon Socket Head Bolt must be screwed to closely fit the supporting surface, tools are not allowed to be tightened, and the thread and threaded mouth must be tightly matched;
  5. For different models of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, the lifting direction should be designed within the range of the force direction. For details, please refer to its standard. For example, Hexagon Socket Head Bolt has different standards such as national and American standards, as well as different material grades. So make sure it is within its force range;
  6. The maximum lifting weight of the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt is the rated load, and it cannot be overloaded, otherwise it will have other serious consequences;
  7. If the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt of China Fasteners Suppliersis found to wear more than 10% of the interface diameter during use, it must be stopped. If it continues to be used forcibly, various safety accidents are prone to occur, so special attention must be paid.