PIACENZA, Italy – COMEC has developed a new design approach for your curing process of brake pads produced with hot circuit.

The available hot-pressing machinery that you could buy is very rigid when arriving to the production of some numerous disc brake pads element numbers in smaller plus medium-size batches, require lengthy manufacturing times and a long, expensive installation phase.

The COMEC linear click model P-FLEX H allows the biggest level of flexibility select.

The pressing units when using the machine are available along with pressure force approximately 270 tons. Each pressing unit is completely independent, and, at at any time, the customer can decide which ones within the station will be running to make each different part selection with each different combination.
Each pressing unit in the line work extremely effectively in auto-mode, running the countless operation of the production cycle without help in automatic, or interior semi-auto mode, allowing the buyer to use the supplement manually for laboratory or possibly production pilot tests, while the rest of the stations are running the most popular production cycle. This fantastic advantage in order so that you can conduct pressing test directly towards the press production machine.

This flexible pressing system is fully configurable every single child meet all the clientele requirements. The configuration utilize the up to six dosing machines, while automatic cleaning approach and density compensators for multi-cavity molds is usually a standard feature. Furthermore, the system allows to perform existing tooling of the buyer, ensuring to the customer a remarkable cost saving.

Configurable pushing cycle, high accuracy dosing receive (±1 percent), high accuracy force handle (±50 kg) and massive accuracy temperature control (±3°C) ensure the most beneficial quality of production. Due to its innovative hydraulics in addition temperature control systems, the slicer allows power savings of about 30 percent compared so that they can traditional systems.

Due to support its modularity concept, the COMEC linear struck model P-FLEX H can be customized, according to precise requirements, it also provides the big attributes with quick manufacturing time, compact installation and commissioning time period and easy and cost-effective transportation solutions.
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