It's not about park dude, we want to hoop. I am not buying a BB video game to watch 1000 cutscenes that are MT 2K21 futile, I have movies for that. I want to play with my games that is it and visit the practice facility. I really don't mind the postgames interviews and an occasionnal cutscene however this prelude sh*t is outside this out world in duration of uselesness at a BB video game. You know what was dull back in the old 2k days? Playing with career game with nothing in between following profession game. Countless games in a row with no feedback on how your player is currently performing on the team in the league or even off the court.

It was"only hoop". This is not even the end of this first month of the game. Obviously everybody would like to mill and receive badges. I am happy that we're able to hold A to jump cut scenes. We've made progress in that regard although I wish we could hold Y and bypass everything at once. I totally hate the stories. I miss those days when you sometimes secure post game interviews and would just go game. I thought it was realistic when you would just play rather than having your basically walk through to your very first time. I stopped purchasing NBA 2K once you did that dumb ass shake dance and became Freq. God have mercy I hated that story.

Was so goddamn annoying that his death was a relief that is fucking. If they could only make a mode in which you play in college or anything and earn your place in the draft (or d-league) and then focus on playing from game to match that would be nice. I'd agree if they looked realistic and did make you. Why can't I think of Zion? I could do without that, although I'm really interested how many ppl really want a story within the game. Probably over half the neighborhood as there are alot. Put more attention to the generational glitches and bugs, toning on these"scripted" animations, along with other aspects of the game play which could be better.

I really don't got the opportunity to sit through a 3 hour story mode just to reach the manner I really wan t play, although Mycareer isn't hated by me with. I like most modes. Myleague, Play Now (No plans of enjoying that until it gets repaired ) and park/rec. I simply don't care for the narrative, and the resources out of this film could've been put towards improvement of the game. I miss the times where an endorsement gave me VC or lovers without needing to hold X to skip a cutscene l. I wish we could've only had words on the display detailing every thing then we perform as we go without the extra cutscenes.

They spend countless this Mycareer story mode but you telling me they couldn't do anything to improve the servers? What about Play Now disconnection issues? Nope fuck all that. We're gonna have a three hour story mode comprising workout cutscenes which don't do anything a clip of LeBron giving worthless information and a combine where they have non shooting assembles 3s. The problem is that there are a great deal of holes in Buy 2K21 MT this narrative. The college could cut the man. They would need to let him get healthy in their dime.