At the first round of the championship, Whiteside and Patrick Beverley clashed in a bout between two of NBA 2K MT the trash talkers in the NBA. For Pat Bev, it would be the beginning of an eventful tournament in which he showed that he is a gaming experience in the sports world and entertained fans with his antics.

Whiteside on the other had... uh, he strove, I guess? Personality and his one-liners were on point, but garbage talk goes as far as you will be taken by your skills. It doesn't matter how funny or lyrical you are together with your insults, should you get embarrassed by what's happening on the display, no one will take you seriously. He has made around $100 million in the past four decades, so I am sure the big guy will have no trouble sleeping that of being a competitive participant his career might not be in the cards.

A two-time NBA Champion along with a, Durant was the headliner of this 2K Players tournament once the event was announced. The only real problem: The Brooklyn Nets forward lasted only one match, as Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. dismantled him in the first round.

Durant opted to use the LA Clippers given the priority set in the tournament. But maybe if he played himself he'd have a better shot because he dang sure did not do too hot with Buy NBA 2K20 MT Paul George or even Kawhi Leonard. Durant may have ability and some fantastic basketball IQ, but it clearly did not translate in 2K. In the conclusion Jones pushed a strong lead employing the Milwaukee Bucks against Durant and held it, ending NBA 2K20 78-62.