Fans of Animal Crossing enjoy the pool

Summer is here, and innovative communities have built their own more luxurious swimming pools.

After the summer update, Animal Crossing can swim in the sea and capture marine life, but fans are still keen to transform the pool on the island. With a swimming pool, the island is no longer an island, but more like a private land with luxurious villas and huge swimming pools. Because of this, players are always patient about decorating their land.

The easiest way is to rely on user definitions. Generally, the island will automatically generate two or three small pools. Players build their own homes near the pools, and the very simple outdoor pool is completed.

The bare swimming pool is too rough, and many players will decorate the pool with props to make the pool look more like a swimming pool. For example, use some swimming pool tiles and put beautiful furniture near the pool, such as slides, beach chairs and water polo. If you dont have these Animal Crossing Items, you can visit, which has a comprehensive list of items. There are also various DIY cards. With DIY, you can make these items yourself, and you can make more props to give to friends. My friends nook store has been upgraded, and I cant borrow the Kerri console, so I gave him a DIY console to solve his trouble of not being able to make props.

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In addition to the above two, there is also a unique exquisite swimming pool. The method of making this kind of swimming pool is to use the Watershed Act to create a natural swimming pool. This method consumes energy, time, and a lot of bells. The website mentioned above also sells bells, the price is very cheap, 1.2 dollars can buy 6m bells.

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If you want to create a swimming pool more realistically, you may be able to easily create a swimming pool by using the reservoir, using the island design application water permit. In the game program, this just looks like a swimming pool. In fact, we carve out the sea. We can swim and dive in the swimming pool constructed in this way.

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