Blizzard Entertainment will launch the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft this fall and the "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands", which will bring players to the land of the dead. You will begin your journey at The Maw. The Maw is a very miserable situation where the soul of the world's greatest villain will be tortured throughout eternity. At least it should be. The arbiter responsible for deciding where each soul should place their afterlife has gone, and everyone is being sent to the flower glue.

You'll be rescued from the Maw by the Kyrian, a bunch of WOW Classic Gold angelic beings that function the guardians of the dead. But once you've had time to level up to 60 – the new level cap for the sport – you will need to go back to The Maw for Shadowlands' endgame content.

Shadowlands introduces the Jailer, a mysterious new villain that rules over the Maw and seeks to spread his dark influence across all the realms of the dead. As you explore the Maw, you'll learn more about the Jailer and gain the facility you would like to fight him. But he'll even be constantly fighting back.

Blizzard has revealed six of the enemies that you will face within the Maw. The Mawsworn are agents of the Jailer tasked with punishing wicked souls. Winged Mawsworn Avengers will try and impale you with spears from above while Mawsworn Shadowcasters strikes with powerful dark magic. The Jailer is additionally served by Soul Seekers, sentries tasked with eliminating intruders.

Souls trapped within the Maw for eternity eventually grow to be the Death's Essence while the fiery hatred of dead villains gives rise to Blazing Stygia, creatures driven to burn souls during a mindless rage. Faithful their name, Soul Eaters devour unlucky spirits after ripping them apart with their claws. Faithful their name, Soul Eaters devour unlucky spirits after ripping them apart with their claws. You must even be wary of the brutal assaults of the heavily armored Charred Behemoths.

In the Maw, when you kill Mawsworn and other enemies and complete other tasks, such as finding tasks and opening treasure chests, you will attract Jailer's attention at this time. Your threat level will increase, and as a result, this will produce very annoying effects, such as attacks at the moment and high-damage siege fires. When you reach threat level 5, your health will be exhausted until you die, and you can only return to that area the next day. You can think of it as a deadly version of daily tasks.World of Warcraft has been loved by players since its launch in 2004. It can be said that it is the most successful online role-playing game in the world. The World of Warcraft Classic is also the most successful version launched by Blizzard. Remember that when this version was released, thousands of players were queuing to enter the WOW Classic Gold For Sale game system, which was really shocking. If you are very interested in World of Warcraft classics, you can visit the MMOWTS store. You will have unexpected gains.