Due to the difference in equipment and power usage, the loss rate during the use of electrical energy is not very low, but it is not easy to avoid, and the electrical energy consumption of low-voltage power distribution terminals is large. In order to strengthen the measurement, evaluation and management of terminal energy, and to facilitate the use and transformation of users, a miniature orbital electric energy meter has emerged. Its measurement accuracy is higher than that of traditional wall-mounted meters. It has higher overload capacity and pressure resistance. Relatively powerful functions, relatively stable performance, low power consumption, comprehensive advantages, light weight, modular structure, so that the power management department can better monitor the power consumption of each user. Realize terminal power distribution electric energy measurement, combine the different principles of traditional electric energy meter and DIN rail type electric energy meter, briefly analyze the application of din rail type electric energy meter in industrial electric energy measurement.

1. Introduction to DIN rail type electric energy meter

At present, the installation of the terminal meter generally adopts the traditional wall-mounted installation method, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation.

DIN rail type electric energy meter adopts modular design, which has the advantages of small size, convenient installation and convenient networking. The terminal electric energy measurement is easy to realize, and the industrial electric energy measurement system is also very convenient to install an electric energy meter for conversion.

The din rail-mounted meter is a new generation of miniature rail-mounted meters. It adopts standard DIN 35mm rail installation. The structure is modular. The width matches the miniature circuit breaker and can be easily installed in the distribution box. The electric energy meter measures electric energy and other electric energy parameters, can set parameters such as clock and rate period, and has the function of outputting electric energy pulses.

At the same time, the meter installed on the DIN rail can use the RS485 communication interface to exchange data with the system. DIN rail type electric energy meter has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability and convenient installation. It is suitable for the electric energy metering of government agencies and large public buildings, and can also be used for the energy management assessment of enterprises and institutions.
2. Performance of DIN rail power meter

The din rail type electric energy meter combines the application field of industrial electric energy measurement and has the following characteristics:

l Measure the total active power and count it back into the total energy;

l Optional multi-rate electric energy metering function;

l Support RS485 communication interface with energy pulse output;

l The current can be connected once or twice, and the voltage signal is used for power supply without auxiliary power supply;

lSmall size, width is a multiple of 18mm, can be perfectly matched with miniature circuit breaker, and use lead seal to prevent electric theft;

l DIN 35mm standard rail installation method, easy to put into various distribution boxes;

3. Application of DIN rail type electric energy meter

As the contradiction between power supply and demand intensifies, it is very important to strengthen the management of power measurement. din rail-type electric energy meter can not only realize electric energy measurement management, but also control the user's electricity consumption. During this period, electricity consumption is measured to provide a basis for electricity price settlement.

An electric meter mounted on a DIN rail is used for integrated electric energy measurement, data collection and data processing. The computer-based remote control of the DIN rail-mounted watt-hour meter effectively reduces the amount of physical labor and improves work efficiency. When the electric energy is sufficient, the administrator can reduce the electricity price through the electric meter installed on the rail and encourage users to use electricity; when the power is insufficient, the electric meter installed on the DIN rail will increase the electricity price and limit the user's electricity consumption. The din rail-mounted electric meter can ensure the balance of power supply and demand. Ensuring the safe and stable power supply of the grid system has a wide range of applications in meter management.

4. The development prospects of DIN rail type electric energy meters

Through the above comparison, we can find that the future development of DIN rail type meters is reflected in the following three points:

1) According to the requirements of smart grid construction, realize the advanced nature of electric energy measurement, anti-theft, real-time monitoring, information interaction, and automatic control; realize the applicability of different environments and different actual installation conditions; realize the consistency of appearance, structure and installation size .

2) Use electric energy reasonably, economically and safely. The electric meter installed on the DIN rail can rely on a powerful digital information network and a data analysis and processing system constructed by a "smart grid", through the electric energy information display screen, the Internet, and various communication networks; at the same time, in the information network architecture " In the "smart grid", the meter installed on the din rail is also responsible for the task of the data terminal collector, and continuously provides detailed measurement data to the "smart grid". Ordinary resident users can obtain detailed household electricity consumption information in time through the electric energy information display screen or the Internet, and can even connect household appliances to electric meters installed on DIN rails to form a smart home appliance area network. The system instructs the meter installed on the DIN rail to remotely control the use of electrical appliances in the home.

3) Standardize unified standards for electric energy meters. The din rail-mounted electric meter is a new type of equipment that will be put into use and operated nationwide. It is expected to solve the current functions, rates, acceptance conditions, appearance dimensions, display readings and voltage loss of the electric meter in the country Various regions. The problem of inconsistency between the flow judgment standard and the communication scale. The DIN rail-mounted electric energy meter according to the unified standard will make the production, circulation, installation, reading, verification and after-sales service of the electric energy meter more convenient, and it will also facilitate the manufacture and design of electric power auxiliary equipment. Electricity meters can greatly promote the development and progress of the electric energy measurement business.

With the popularization of "smart grid", all traditional induction meters will be eliminated, and electronic meters with simple structure and no two-way communication function will be replaced by guide rails that enable power supply companies to communicate with users. Meter. As a green, energy-saving, accurate and fast new energy meter, it can effectively guarantee the operating cost of the grid, ensure the safety and reliability of the grid, and lay a good foundation for the healthy and sustainable development of China Power.

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