Some of them even had my AIM speech, where we would continue planning our make-believe Runescape lives away from RuneScape's engine.

Because my parents didn't know I was playing Runescape along with other people, there were no rules. Through trial and best ways to make money in osrs error I educated myself the etiquette of the net: when to share or withhold information to keep my privacy, how to prevent scammers, when to use a meme for maximum comic effect, and when to block players that made me uncomfortable. My very first guild melted away when the school year began and I found another, then yet another, every time beating out the internet abilities that would come in handy as the societal media became the newest normal for teens in the mid-00s.

I really don't know exactly why I stopped playing Runescape. At some stage Ilost track of my guildmates,'d done all of the quests that were free, and moved on.Well, maybe it does. I like sword-and-board, dragon-slaying experiences with lots of maps and side quests to explore. I like leveling up individual skills and studying on lore, crafting cool armor for my character and anything that lets me roleplay a bit as I go. I also spend a lot of time online, connecting with people on social networking, talking about matches, and making online friends who've gone on to maintain tremendous emotional significance in my life.

Runescape was an early introduction to what the internet would eventually become, and though it drew me in with the promise of fantasy and fun, it ultimately gave me a head start in learning the rules of participation for an increasingly internet societal landscape.

Oh and if my parents are reading this. That's what I had been doing in the basement that time. Knowing what best ways to make money osrs we now know about the internet we can agree that I could have been doing a lot worse. May Saradomin's light guide you.