If players want to get a lot of vitality and various rare materials, they must plant as many crops as possible to produce many monsters for players to kill. It bases although Harvest on agriculture, the essence of combat as a POE still exists in the game. Players with many materials can have many choices. They can either use the items to increase the damage of equipment skills or process them for sale for POE Currency.

The new league released by the POE team in June is to ease the tension of players in the previous league. Players of any strength can get what they want through their hard work here. Because of this, many people favor Harvest and further increase their love of POE. The POE team will reward two alien laptops to the first player to defeat the Harvest Monster King and the player to win the drawing prize. There are also micro-transaction prizes in the game.

So what should players do to increase the number and quality of monsters? Players need to collect seeds first and bring them back to the garden for planting. To increase the efficiency of harvesting, it is best for players to place a collector in the middle of the seed so it can help players quickly collect when the monster dies. Some higher-grade seeds even need to be placed on their irrigation lines from the collector to help them grow.

Monsters growing in the holy bush can also drop seeds to a higher level than them. The premise of planting level 4 seeds is that players must first plant level 3 seeds around it. Once the player has eight fully mature crops of exactly the same color, they can harvest. As the POE game team has been constantly optimizing the game, it has become more convenient for players to perform various activities in the new league. Those newbies should remember to Buy POE Currency which will provide great convenience for their agricultural activities before planting.