Animal Crossing: The second summer update of New Horizons is now live, and the biggest highlight of this update is the firework show. The Nook shopping catalog also adds some new items to its seasonal collection. provides you with a richer and more abundant Animal Crossing Bells and other ACNH Items.

You can use the seasonal tab of the Nook Shopping terminal until August 31. The price of the former is 2,000 to 2,500 bells. In addition to new seasonal products, August also brings some new fish and bugs for you to watch.

Those in the northern hemisphere can now draw moray eels, rays and soft, and other small animals from oceans and rivers. This month is the last opportunity for players in the northern hemisphere to catch various beetles and other summer insects.

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In New Horizons' latest 1.4.0 update summer event, the firework show is every Sunday at 7 pm, and you will be able to watch the fireworks in the game with your friends and villagers. During the performance, Isabel will be stationed in your city square and provide you with free wearable bumpers. Redd will also have its raffle tent, where you will be able to win holiday gifts such as balloons, windmills, and fountain fireworks.

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Update 1.4.0 also finally added the already promised island backup function. This only applies to Switch Online subscribers, and it enables you to backup New Horizon save data in case of loss or damage to the Switch.