The desertion of house rules after they told us it was going to become an every other week occurrence and only literally axed it. It was the most enjoyable game anyone and style imo could participate and snag some rewards. It would have def given us something. I wouldn't have played until they made the rewards fair for the number of wins, anyways. Expecting us to play Madden nfl 21 coins with one hundred games in a two day interval was ridiculous and if they did possess them never performed from protest. It was great last year. They shifted it. Their logic is flawed. Feedback is given by the community, and the program is killed by them entirely. This company has gone so far downhill.

They did it to tone down though. But that shit was fucking dumb. They act like everyone is no lifer or a YouTuber! They could have toned down the wins, but also lower the benefits. Not every HR needed to be a free NFL100 player. We were stuck together with 7hrs worth of matches for 2 tokens in wtv promo was going on. Right? They just like every 10 wins gets you a token or a 93 or anything and could have had a HR to get RP. They might have done a one for Fan App. Idk know the reason why they ditched it. Bro year was passion for NMS you could do it. Everyone needs to have an opportunity to be competitive not just money spenders.

You're not wrong, but this is not one of the top 10 biggest flaws in Madden 21. IF they would have adhered to the (even loosely) it would give more people a reason to play. Cheese isn't as poor or toned down matches rewards that are good. And also to fill this 2 month gap we are going into. I think big time lost the ball on this manner. Shit was programmed. I agree, but stating this is Madden 21s largest flaw is a huge stretch. I didn't even want to get bc that's been hashed and rehashed.

It shouldn't even have been hard for them to do this, honestly. They could have found plenty here on this sub if they had a hard time comping up with buy Mut 21 coins thoughts. Even House Rules and I played with last year, although I hate H2H. I distinctly remember believing it and getting that Gronk. That said, there were defects that are larger. But most of those would have required a lot more work to mend than that. Right? They can pick on someone with the best idea about the sub floor a competition. Winner gets a 99 OVR group to fill out the home rules with.