NBA 2K20 offered at least 8 million copies. That's nearly half a billion if that was all at $60 a pop. It will not cost that much to generate a new edition of NBA 2K every year. And that is not and however much they get from in MT for sale 2K21 sport advertising deals. Yes, a cost increase was probably at some point, but in no way are 2K hurting for money to necessitate it. Nor will them raising the base price of NBA 2K create the microtransactions lessens. NBA 2K probably doesn't need the money the most, so they are one of those few that can safely take the plunge into a greater cost.

In terms of the MT, yeahhhh that is the problem:/ If higher prices meant lowering MT, that would make me more happy. But these companies aren't going to throw off a"good thing". This has to be a sign of a standard. I really don't feel 2K relies on NBA 2K's MSRP for profit, I watched both 2K and Madden equally being marketed for $25 by Black Friday last year, and even ended up becoming Madden off of it, basically two months post launch. These games wind up getting very cheap really quickly and 2K has been online game pass for a couple months now in addition to being in small bundles and getting other heavy discounts. If this really is a bigger movement in costs, I would not be shocked

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but if you charge the standard $60 with this particular variant, of contribute the additional revenue for charging longer, I am ok with it. I am uncomfortable with charging more and creating more specifically because it's Kobe, if this is reasonable. This, there's a way without lining your pockets to honor the deceased. 2K, like most corporations, has the main MO to earn max profit. Probably, although they adore kobe love him after his death due to what he'll do for their amounts.

Donating to Kobe charities by lowering the price or making it accessible to fans are a few routes that would celebrate his lifetime without draining your audience's wallet. But that's not profitable for company. Agreed. Kobe was and is different, not only because he is iconic but because of his passing. It's a completely different motive to get him.

2K out here with Mamba's passing to promote sales in their video game. That is janky. When it has 2K21 inside you might give me a piece of paper. Idgaf about a case. Cover art? For what, you are going to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins find the cover artwork. Absolutely agree. They monetizing his name off. Kobe started, if they desired to do it correctly the money for this edition ought to be given to the charity. I concur. If a company is making money of the passing of someone they should at least give some of it off.