1,3,5,7-Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane    is an active siloxane with Si-H bond, which can be added with unsaturated olefins. Compared with linear polymethylhydrogensiloxane, it has better performance, including lower impurities, higher purity, more fixed chain and better modified molecular design. It is used to prepare methylhydrogensiloxane which needs certain hydrogen or connecting chain and polysiloxane which needs modified functional group.

typical application

  • Preparation of various specific hydrogen content and the number of bonds required for polymethylhydrogensiloxane
  • RTV and ALSR crosslinking agent
  • Synthetic high-quality side chain siloxane
  • Good composition of optoelectronic materials


  • high purity
  • Including fixed chain
  • Good design of modified molecules

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