The Madden team is now building momentum for Madden 21, which will release at the end of the month. Many players can’t wait to experience the new content that will appear in the game. They want to use MUT 21 Coins they have prepared in advance to buy those very attractive player cards as soon as possible. Recently, EA published a franchise model blog. The content of the blog is more like patch notes than a list of features of the upcoming game, at least related to the so-called franchise. Although this model is very popular with players, the game team does not focus on it.

Those players who want to know how the Washington football team will display in the game will not see the team’s previous logo and images after entering the game. EA has confirmed that the team will wear a universal uniform, which is likely to be like what Washington wears in actual games this season. As for the ultimate team, there may be some legendary images. Maybe there are some current players from the old Washington University who are on the virtual card. EA is committed to eliminating all its offensive graphics games but it will take some time.

The most profitable EA model is MUT. This mode already contains many options, including Superstar KO, which added after the release of Madden 20. Every year, continuous and fresh content released for MUT, and this version will continue to maintain this state. However, no news about it has appeared recently. Players guess that it will appear soon.

There must be many creative features in Madden 21. The developers also told the players they have also developed new gameplay for players to entertain. The most important thing is that many powerful player cards will make the trend of the game more complicated. Players also need to invest more energy to fight. They also need to Buy MUT 21 Coins to pay for these player cards. Let’s wait.