Rack cabinet
Rack-mounted cabinets network cabinets are those cabinets that have movable doors at the front and back. The side panels and mounting rails in the rack-mounted cabinet network cabinet are also movable and adjustable respectively. This type of network cabinet is suitable for applications that require heavy equipment or server storage.

Open cabinet
Contrary to other types, this type of network rack cabinet does not have any doors or sides. In addition to having an open frame, this type of rack cabinet also has rails for installation. Therefore, it is suitable for applications where the rack cannot control the airflow. If it has physical security, this type also applies.

Wall-mounted cabinet
The identification function of this type of network cabinet is that it is usually attached to the wall. This feature can save space because it can be installed in areas that a typical rack cannot accommodate. In addition, cabinet shelves of this category can be closed or opened.

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