Hernia is an ailment with considerable potentials to produce damage in a body. Although it is generally categorized as not so harmful a condition, hernia surgeons all over the world has classified it as a potentially dangerous disease that can affect the health to a great extent, creating other complications that are not so easy to get rid of.

However, the causes of the disease are still not known. It is one of the common ailments that does not show any sign or symptom at the first place. Apart from that, it is often confused with other diseases due to its simple and common symptoms. Often, people suffering from hernia doesn’t question or investigate the disease due to lack of knowledge about the ailment and, sometimes, the lack of time and energy to ultimately go through comprehensive tests and consultancy to understand the actual cause of a distress.

Doctors still do not know what the exact causes of hernia are. In some observations, the ailment is said to be caused from hits and minor to major jolts in the body during activities. It is also taken as a valid cause of hernia when one sneezes or coughs heavily. Hernia is also caused for running or squatting in the wrong way. Sportspersons tend to be diagnosed with progressive hernia. Age is another significant factor for this disease and the chances of it increase in older men and women. One of the common misconceptions of hernia is that normally men are victims to this disease. But, the truth is hernia can affect men and women at any age and in any condition.

Speaking to Dr. Amanjeet Sigh, it has been revealed that hernia can also be caused for surgery or surgical invasions. According to Dr. Singh, one of the best pancreas doctors in India, hernia complications increase with the excessive intake of certain medications. In some case, hernia can also be an ailment caused by excessive workouts or poor lifestyle choices. Sleeping less than 7 to 8 hours and that too in an inappropriate way increases the risks of developing hernia.

Junk food play a great role in the development if hernia. Some people are also sensitive to certain preservatives, chemicals and spices used in food that is quickly prepared. In many cases, junk food can be dangerous due to it being uncooked for most of the time considering the short period dedicated to the preparation of these foods. In many cases, junk food poisoning has also led people to have a untimely gall bladder issues, which made them get concerned about gall bladder surgery costs in India and these patients have found some surprising benefits under the guidance of Dr. Singh, who is a also a recognized name in the fields of gall bladder surgery. He has also performed other surgeries involving the gastrointestinal tract.

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