Players will experience POE 2 Beta at the end of this year. However, many things have postponed because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of this year, and the development process of game companies is no exception. What makes POE players gratified is that although Harvest launched a week later than usual, they can still get a lot of happiness in the current league. It only takes a little POE Currency to play for a long time, all thanks to the magic mechanism of Harvest.

Next month, POE will be 10 years old. The team started playing back in July. Their pressure on developers is greater. They need to do whatever it takes to advance to the next league on time, but still be creative with the POE 10th Anniversary Ceremony, offering players a fresh gaming experience and joining more people on the Exiled squad.

Developers said on the official forum that when they announced POE 2 last year, they said that they might release it by the end of this year. They have been trying their best to ensure that the release of each league can be on time, but it also means that they have to postpone the release of POE 2. GGG has never provided a specific POE 2 release date, but both the Beta and the full version of the game seem to lag the studio’s internal schedule. However, this does not mean that the usual quarterly expansions are far behind.

The developer also recommends that players should not over predict the exact release time of the new league until they have determined the final release date. Now players can redouble their efforts in Harvest to get many POE Orbs and POE Items to prepare for the next new league. Otherwise, they will need to spend a lot of money to Buy Path of Exile Currency. Keep looking forward!