Dates do not matter. If something has placed on the roadmap and then removed, the RS community invisibly. For many years after. Would happen with OSRS gold the BTS. The issue is not so much stuff getting placed on the roadmap and then removed, but we're in month long no-content streaks with no communication, and when more stuff that has been on the roadmap becomes shelved than gets released then we begin raging. They would not care as shelved, if players had sufficient content coming out in a steady pace. Also it helps if substance leaves the shelf and has released eventually. This may be true. But we have with the BTS over a decade worth of history. And that's how it played out.

That is more along the lines of where we are going phoning shrewd. This flow was intended to be that sort of development update in Live Stream form - what we're working issues on, content reprioritization and so on. That is the type of dialogue we wish to have going forward. Although we dropped quite a lot of specifics - because we know most of you had felt at the dark for quite some time at this point - we need to have the ability to keep you informed and linked to the studio regardless on if we have anything to affirm or announce by title, and to speak.What does the team think of this?

Brainstorming thoughts on new boss slayer item benefits or drops that are rare: A thing that only allows you to be attacked by one person in multi zones that are wildy. I believe that would make supervisors from the wildy appealing to a lot of individuals. I understand I usually skip wildy supervisors since I do not want to bother getting destroyed in a zone every other kill. I think such an item might have capacity to disrupt other metas, so it would have to be carefully designed to not impact other material in multi-zones such as rev caves & prayer that is wildy.

I think it wouldn't be fair to have a true'single-way' but maybe while also letting 1 PKer assault at a time it would induce boss aggro. Hence the risk is there, however, somewhat minimized and allowing to feel risk. Good post. Just continue wondering why wildy content continues to be lifeless and"lol" at a proposal for more folks out there. I'm not afraid, I move for buy RS gold other content. There's a reason Vetion & Calisto are pets -- nobody feels like exercising to deep wildy only to get a group waste their time and to log in.