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For 7 years Tinni is working in a private organization and since then she is sitting in this same desk. But recently, she is facing some difficulties while working in sitting position. She feels severe pain on her back. Sometimes, she stands up and tries to work. But the desk is too low to her. She is quite tall. At times she takes a stroll on the floor for few minutes and comes back to her desk. But she observes one thing that her colleagues do not like this. They are working hard at the same type of workstations and only she is complaining, wandering on the floor. She takes leave often due to her back pain.  That day her boss called her and asked about her work pressure, pending works. And he also said if she is free, he can assign more work to her. Tinni cannot reply that user-friendly workstations are very much required in this office. If adjustable height workbenches were there in this office, she could work comfortably. It is a private company, Boss!

What is An Adjustable Height Workbench?

Adjustable height workbench has the flexibility of either sitting or standing while working. Based on two factors these are made. Comfort of the users and size and weight of the object they will be keeping on that bench. Now you won’t have to keep two types of separate workbenches for jobs that these are for standing and those are for sitting. Height adjustable workbench has the changeability. So, both types of tasks can be handled with it. This type of workbench is useful when many people use the same workstation. People can adjust its height according to their convenience. Height adjustable workbench allows the users to adapt to their workload.  For shift-based work it is a perfect workstation. This sit and draw workbench can be used at home, office

How does this workbench work?

Height adjustable table can be adjusted in various heights by using three different mechanisms. Options are:

Allen key height adjustment mechanism – By loosening screws at intervals down the edge of bench legs, height is adjusted and again tightening them new level is kept firmly.

Adjustment via a manual hand crankBy rotating the hand crank clockwise and anti-clockwise its height can be raised and lowered.

Use of electric motor – By pressing accessible up and down button its desired height can be adjusted. It is the easiest way to change the height of workbench. 

Types of height adjustable workbench

There are various types of adjustable height workbenches like heavy duty, modular and ESD.

Heavy Duty- Heavy duty height adjustable workbench is made for long lasting usage. Steel is used throughout the workstation to make it durable equipment for industrial purpose. It can take many abuses because of its strength and durability. This workstation is designed for any demanding production or engineering environment.

Modular –These motorized height adjustable workbench accommodates various requirements of multiple shifts and multi-task functions. Mobility of this workstation makes it accessible to numerous work areas. This workbench is available in various color and material such as fabric, wood, glass and metal. This workstation will definitely impress your clients.

ESD (Electrostatic discharge) – Electronics industry most importantly requires ESD protection. This workbench is adjusted automatically. This workstation is required for production of electronics, repairing testing and other electronics related work.  ESD workbench provides the static electricity guidance. Strong cold steel is used as his material. Its design can improve production. Its permanent properties are laminate top and ESD powder coating.  The table top of this workstation is made static dissipative and fireproof to prevent sudden discharge. This workbench includes Shelves and metalwork.

Benefits of Adjustable height workbench

A sit-stand, Tables & Workstations may cost more than traditional workstation but considering the long term health benefits of employees now offices and industries should be equipped with adjustable desks. Standing between work hours will bring the following health benefits:

  • improves blood flow and burn calories
  • reduces lower back pain
  • improves energy level
  • increases metabolism
  • reduces risk of obesity

 What are the best adjustable height workbenches?

Ergon Workfit –D, ApexDesk Elite 71, Vertdesk VI, Stand up Crank Desk, S Standup Electric Desk have been chosen as the best models of sit-stand workstations in the year 2020.

Adjustable height workbenches help the employees to change their postures while working. Sitting at a stretch is unhealthy. Excessive sitting is evil. It brings health disorders. Getting up from chairs is compulsory to keep us healthy. In some organizations, employees are insisted on standing event majorly. Long standing also can bring health issue. So, sit and stand manner should be followed in workplaces. Setting up of height adjustable workbench may result in decrease of absentees in office and improvement in production because of user-friendly workstations.