We believe that we'll not permit PvP in high-sec. Some gank lovers may disappoint, but more innocent people will be pleased. Capital ships (mainly Titans), it appears to me that they are not suitable for EVE Echoes ISK. I see it as a descent into a hole that is deep, and the outcome is going to be the same as that of Eve Online with a single dead end. What does the team think about the Titans and Capitals in overall? We discussed funding ships, including the Titans. We now have lots of ideas to this, for example, several pilots at one Titan. Capital ships can develop into a temporary station in distance. But it's too early to discuss.

I know that some of you play Eve as long as I do. How does it seem to be part of a group that produces a whole new universe for a market that is brand new so people can experience what we have experienced through recent years? What do we believe when developing a new universe? I think most of us possess a unique world in our minds. We want to provide the perfect world. Are you really going to play with this beautiful game with us? What are your aims? You won't know who we are, although most of us are. Let's ruin each other in distance?

Eve Echoes - Plex exchange speed controller currency subscription, character customization and more

Towards the end of summer, the official launch of the MMORPG Eve Echoes is due to happen. Developers from NetEase Games and CCP Games continue to communicate with the community, revealing new details about Eve Echoes. CCP Rax this moment and CCP Alpha replied community questions.

Can you tell me the number of? We aren't yet prepared to share the general statistics, but pre-registration continues to gain momentum, and we hope it will be more than one million users. We cannot share the number of players daily and on the internet logins. Except for Cheap EVE ISK. I believe that something that can truly distinguish Echoes from other games is the mindset in EVE Online into various in-game events. Will we have future activities like tournaments and events?