Since POE added a new patch to the game some time ago, there has been a problem that has criticized by players. It is the Bloom effect rendering. The current Bloom makes it impossible for most players to see the specific conditions of certain areas to decide. It led players to request the game team to improve this issue. To change the bug as soon as possible, the game team released the 3.11.1f patch. With it, players can also search for more potential monsters and kill them to earn POE Currency.

Many players will find that other players who are exploring the mine are wearing goggles. That is because the Bloom effect is too harsh and they have to do so. The existing Bloom effects are too fancy and affect the normal game process of players. We can conclude it that the new Bloom system can call a failure. Sometimes, this can even impact the MTX decorations and portals in personal hideouts-the community commotion is correspondingly great. Even the developer’s explanation is of no avail. Patch 3.11.1f finally provides controls to control the halo effect.

So far, players have to worry about the adverse effects that the Flower of Doom will have on them, especially in the cold area of ​​Delve. It’s good now that players can apply Bloom after exposure, which will reduce the Bloom intensity of the entire game. The game team also added a slider for Bloom in the graphics options. People can use the slider to set the intensity of the Bloom effect to 25% to 130% of the basic value. They have reduced the bloom effect of the torch in the bronze mine.

The POE team will do two major things next month: the 10th anniversary celebration and the release of the new league. The emergence of these new content will definitely attract more people to join POE. Players’ demand for POE Trade and POE Items will definitely skyrocket. It forces players to Buy POE Currency now for the next challenge.