Where is the sub for people who like Mut 21 coins?

Look - I get it Madden should be improved and should have more updates to franchise, but it's a little old when every post in this sub floor is negative. I have been a CFM participant for also a franchise player and years since 01. I love Madden. I believe it's awesome every year. Of course it could be better, however I get it every year, enjoy the brand new features, and also have a lot of fun. Then I come and it is is negative conversation all the time. Where is? Where can our voices be heard? Anyone else feel like that?

This is the forum for people who love Madden. We wouldn't care, if we didn't. I concur with that idea. And like I said, improvements could be made for sure. But people are out here making it seem like no one buys it and no one is having fun. A lot of threads upvoted remarks are some version of"I have not purchased a new Madden because xbox 360" or"I am not buying the game ever again". Like why are those folks on a Madden sub? Folks desire Madden to be great. We like the sport. We enjoy football. EA treats the players and the sport is insulting. Personally I have fun but the Madden lifecycle is predatory.

EA literally trying to squeeze as much money from MUT packs before the USA wisens up and legislates them out of existence while at the same time bringing near no developments from title to title. Picture if COD's yearly release was the exact same game with all the AK-47 being unlocked for one more faction, a couple new pistols, along with a reskinned UI. That wouldn't fly in any other genre but that is what Madden does every year. 2k is greedy but the thickness of their franchise mode is amazing so that it clearly is possible to perform both. People are tired of EA spitting in our mouths and then requesting $60. It is not like we can spend our money on the NFL sim game that is licenced. It is either we play the same game and try to have changes or we bend over and take their company schlong.

I believe the sub is a representation of those games core fan base that's upset at the location that the buy Mut 21 coins game is in. Like you, I and alot of folks here have been purchasing this game since the early 2000's but unlike you, many feel that the game is not living up to the criteria rather than supplying the"fun" it has once provided console centuries past. The franchise mode we have had the past few years from the water is blown by the 2007 franchise. That is a massive problem seeing this franchise mode continues to be bare bones for at least 3 decades now without any changes and EA comes out and says their going to provide the more focus to the mode then madden 21 information begins to fall and fans view zero 0 changes again!