Grown beyond a family home throughout Munich, Germany, Bauer Compressors Inc. has experienced a whirlwind of the journey to end up getting a US base and over 75 many years of experience in manufacturing efficient and durable arrays involving high-pressure compressors.

Bauer’s vast experience inside the compressor market, coupled having a commitment to produce priceless innovations, has resulted in fantastic development and today the company prides itself in being fully specialised from the markets of high-pressure inhalation air products, GSA/military inhalation air products, industrial weather and gas products, plastics technological innovation, natural gas, and inert gasoline compression.

The company began its North American journey back in 1976, when it opened its first facility beyond Germany in Norfolk, Va, which has since developed from hosting just a couple of employees to over 250 and today stands Bauer’s headquarters.

“The Bauer Norfolk, Virginia, facility is the major systems packaging facility past Germany, followed by the labels facilities in China, India, BRITISH ISLES, Australia and France, ” Tony adamowicz Bayat, President of Bauer Compressors explained to gasworld in an distinctive interview.

“We did a primary expansion of the US facility instruction online 2014 and our procedures in China and India can be growing. ”

Today, Bauer stands for a 100% vertically integrated enterprise that controls every aspect of the design producing process, both of which have greatly contributed to the respectable reputation.

Although the organization is continuing to grow both its variety of facilities and employees, all of the company’s high-pressure compressor bareheads tend to be still manufactured in Germany, but now at its new visionary facility in Geretsried, that's 35 km south on the original Munich plant. When manufactured, the compressors are next packaged into complete treatments in various Bauer facilities all over the world.

Talking about the company’s high-pressure providing, Bayat, said, “In the high-pressure portion (2500-7000 psig) we develop compressors from 5hp up to 350hp. We build a considerable amount of speciality systems for a considerable amount of breathing air applications which in turn require ultra-purified air. Therefore, we have a massive amount in-house expertise of not only compression but purification in addition to verification (gas analysis) too. ”

“In the industrial sector, we provide complete solutions for compressed gas, biogas, nitrogen production and data compresion and various high-pressure air systems employed in various industries. In the actual rare gas category, we provide complete recovery and compression systems for helium as well as argon. ”


Although its traditional high-pressure offering continues to be at the forefront in the company, Bayat told gasworld that the company is also discovering huge demand for facts related systems.

Bayat commented, “We are currently highlighting heavily on digital transformation. Our state- of-the-art Bauer ConnectTM rural telemetry and control app with Al predictive criteria allows customers to remotely manage and monitor their Bauer products and solutions from any internet- joined mobile device. ”

“Besides providing our clients with push notifications based on important operating parameters we are offering several standard and customised historical reporting regarding our customers’ performance consideration. ”

“Through Al, this system automatically monitors plus analyses important trends along with generates feedback on corrective measures. We see this like a continuation of what provides made Bauer successful with regard to over 75 years, when i. e. our focus on getting state-of-the-art high-pressure solutions for our customers that are geared to their distinct performance needs and which are designed to add exceptional value thus to their operations above and over and above just compression. ”. 201911ld