People know that using their Mac to play games is inappropriate. Limited by the platform and computer material, Windows is more suitable for people to play games. Many players like to engage in fierce POE battles on PC. Some time ago, the POE team issued an announcement. When the next new league release, players with Macs can start experiencing the fun of POE on their own platforms. Many smart players are already looking for ways to get POE Currency.

In the past, Mac users could only play POE by transferring to PC or purchasing PS4 and Xbox. But this problem will disappear after a while. That’s because the Mac OS adapted version of POE will appear in September. It also makes Mac users eager to experience what is different in the POE Mac version. Players can try it after patch 3.12 release.

According to the developers, the Exile path for Mac OS is a version that will fully integrate into the major global areas of the PC. The detailed meaning of this statement is that Mac and PC players will receive the update, take part in the league, or move to Wraeclast together. Even because of the same user account, players can even switch freely between PC and Mac. It depends on the computer they want to use.

What players have to do now is to prepare for battle. The interesting mechanism in the current Harvest can provide them with many opportunities to get POE Items. Or players who don’t want to work hard now can also Buy POE Orbs and just enter the Mac POE to enjoy the mysterious fun. Next month, not only will the new POE league release, but also the 10th anniversary celebration of POE will wait for players to take part.