In the upcoming Madden 21, players need to have a strong player to lead their lineup in the long season. There are four different players for players to be the captain of the team. If the players not satisfied with the performance of the captain in the actual game later, they can always replace it with other players. Players themselves also need to reserve a certain amount of MUT 21 Coins to meet the needs of various activities.

In last year’s game, there were four captain options. They are Ryan Shazier, Dallas Clark, Ty Law and Herman Moore. At the beginning of Ultimate Team, gamers can win one of the four players they choose. Then they can use the token to upgrade the player card throughout the season. In addition, there is a captain token that can exchange another option. If there is a better choice for the captain’s position, it makes sense.

In Madden 21 Ultimate Team, there is a RIVALZ task sequence. Including two different challenge categories are invite you and the captain to challenge. You may need to complete the invitation to familiarize yourself with the team and upgrade and then complete the captain challenge. For each captain of Madden 21, this includes four separate challenges. They need to use that specific player in the MUT team to challenge.

After completing all the tasks, the player will receive an imaginary package with Captain Madden 21. The captain can change later in the game. There is a series 1 captain team token, and players cost 15,000 MUT 21 coins. Players who do not have enough coin supply should Buy Madden 21 Coins as soon as possible.