Nintendo is generally slow in implementing accessibility features. The Switch only received button remapping in April of this year, which is a common feature on other consoles, and many first-party games lack reliable accessibility settings, especially when it comes to forced motion control.

New Horizons lacks an options menu with basic options that often appear in other games, such as switching of brightness, sound level mixing, or tactile feedback. ACNH Bells are essential for players in the trading process. Settings such as increasing the contrast, increasing the size of the UI, and the magnification factor can help many people play games.

Nintendo doesn't seem to consider accessibility directly. Where Sony and Microsoft discuss their inclusive efforts, he hopes that Nintendo will fully acknowledge the existence of accessibility. However, he pointed out that, ironically, it is easier to access Nintendo games than other games. This may be due to the simple controls inherent in the game or the customizability of some Nintendo games that lead players to find creative ways to play.

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In New Horizons, the game's customizability allows Minor to build his entire island to meet his own needs. He has set up some road signs, such as noisy tiki torches, indicating where the main square is. In the second video released for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, he showed the progress he made in using paths, waterfalls, and other audible objects so that his town and his visitors can still be more convenient to enter his town.

Many insects in the game do not make sounds, so the only way for a minor to increase his chance of catching is to plant flowers in the area near his home to encourage egg-laying. Buy ACNH Bells uses some external tools, especially OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to listen to the game text. For more content, please visit our official website