Falador Farm was originally a place of happiness, joy and wholesome dairy products, but recently it has been dominated by evil existence. Every morning, Sarah wakes up to find that her crops are destroyed, the cows cringe, and the faithful shepherd dog looks creepy.

On this topic, we are investigating a new mission to help new adventurers master the A Porcine of Interest killer! For novices, the early games are still quite difficult. Don't worry. If you encounter difficulties in the game, you can try to get the appropriate OSRS GP from RSgoldBuy.com to help you out.

Slayer is a popular skill, but there was nothing in the early games that encouraged new players to try and benefit from it. Our goal in pursuing this goal is to make Slayer as easy to use as possible, to show the value of this skill to new players, and to add some interesting games to Old School newbies.

Slayer's equipment list also includes protective equipment for the entire head except for eyes. The Porcine Pest are very dirty, and all your fashionscaper types will bring you on goggles. The Porcine Pest like the cool underground atmosphere, so they root for food in cave-like nests in the Misthalin area. Find their cave for shelling, this will be a chance to complete the mission.

After completing the mission, the killer helmet will gain the protective performance of the new goggles. We do admit that this will change its "recipe" to some extent, but we want to assure you that when the mission is released, the existing killer helmet will not be destroyed.

Turael, who lives in Burthorpe, is the lowest-level Slayer Master, but is far from novices. RSgoldBuy recommends that you add a Slayer Master to Draynor Village. Any Slayer Master will live in a vacant building. Players will have more opportunities to Buy OSRS GP which is desirable!

A more feasible solution is to add another NPC to Draynor while keeping Turael in Burthorpe's position. Spria and Turael share the same task allocation pool and play an important role in A Porcine of Interest. Unlike Turael, Spria will not be able to change the active Slayer task. Instead, she takes you to your father.

For adventurers willing to undertake this dangerous task, there will be some significant rewards-but this is a novice pursuit, so there is no requirement.

Upon completion, you will receive the following rewards:

5000 GP
1000 killer XP
30 killer bonus points
Access new Slayer tasks