On the 18th of this month, GGG will release the third league of the year. At present, many players still don’t know what the mechanics and functions of the new league will be. Just today, the POE game team released various information about the new league. Players can log on to the official POE website to check what they want to know. There are many other new contents waiting for players to experience. Some beginners who have just joined POE had better buy some POE Currency in advance as a backup.

As one of the best RPG games, POE has always delivered the best game content to its players. They have combined the action of creating a new league every three months to bring game lovers into the game. There are many new themes in the additional features. Players can collect special items at the start of a new league. The player must decide what to bring for sale or equipment. To be honest, new players have a lot to deal with, and many people are used to collecting loot from monsters and enemies.

Players can rearrange modifiers using some handy POE mechanisms. A character's abilities are usually determined by the number of slots in which the item must be able to stack abilities. Users can sort items by region level to make it easier to change the level, and experienced characters may not use the level changing tools at all. With the new product filter, players can see at a glance which weapon has been damaged on the ground.

More and more information will emerge before September 18, not just the new league. Faced with the rush of new content, players must Buy POE Exalted Orb to improve their ability to resist risks and ensure that their game activities can proceed in an orderly manner.