POE’s new league seems to theme around heist. Before the players are ready to summon manpower to rob the established target, they must first find an NPC called Waynefinder in the Rogue port and hand over the contract signed by the players and the designated thieves to the NPC. It will help players travel back and forth between the destination and the place of departure. To save some money, players can work hard to cultivate in the current Harvest League and accumulate some POE Currency to use when the new league release.

After the players and subordinates reach the target building, they need to successfully steal rare items without attracting the attention of guards and alarms. Obviously it does not seem to be a simple task. When players and thieves are in a room full of treasures, it is difficult for them not to make any noise. But the danger is that the more time they delay, the higher the alert level. If the players kill the guards who are coming, the alert level will be higher, and it may trap them.

Therefore, based on this situation, the game team recommends that players should stay invisible during the entire process of theft without being discovered by the guards. In this way, even if many guards come to catch them, players can also find opportunities to sneak out with stolen items. Another point worthy of attention for players is that when they successfully steal an item, the system will lock their position. They only have a little time to use to escape. If the players are unfortunately killed during the theft, they will get nothing.

The above are some details that players should pay attention to during the theft process. Anyway, they must not be greedy, and after successfully getting the most valuable items, they should quickly escape from the scene to escape the pursuit. Players had better Buy POE Chaos Orb and POE Items before stealing to add some practical abilities to their characters such as acceleration or stealth.