Maybe most you men know the expression" you do not quit runescape you merely take brakes" I do not know how many times I've tried to give up RS gold this game. What made me make it to 12 days so much was this corona, I've understood that even though some folks are complaining there wasn't any significant change in my entire life, so that I decided I need to change. I uninstalled Runescape and recognized I have time. I spend all day surfing YouTube what was blessing and a wast in disguise, I discovered. I determined that I want to plan my day, I left a regular, I opened Excel and proposed my day every hour of my day was planned all that I want to do was stick to the strategy said then done.

After realising that only planning was not going to do anything for me if there were any consequences, I determined that I could only watch anime at the conclusion of the day once I've done everything that was within my own strategy. I began my times by exercising at the morning after working out I meditate for 10 minute, by doing so two items I saw a significant shift in my mood I felt just happy and proud of my self. I determined that I need to give up since I was 13, there being that a addiction twisting my ass mind you I am around. After realising why I was constantly tired even after a good sleep I went to the nofap route. I am attempting to choose day 90 now. In summary by deciding to stop runescape, I am not trying to escape this planet however I'm trying to enhance my self.

Runescape is the toughest addiction to Kick. I quit cold turkey maybe 3 months ago. I told myself I am not advocating membership and life's been better ever since. I found myself pretty tired for a little while but keep strong, It is the best thing that you can ever do! Edit: my Reddit image is your gnome kid but he ai not moving anyplace. How do you deal with urges what's keeps you busy now days? I fortunately enjoy skateboarding so I've been getting into that (in my drive when it is dry haha) and also recently started studying so they keep me busy. Also practising Photoshop and premiere/after effects for something to do.

I am a recovering runescape nerd hahah:D Played fram age 6 or 7 til age well. I'm 25 today and it feels like I stopped playing yesterday. The urges come with this feeling like I want to accomplish something"expansive" and making millions of GP or murdering players/bosses provides that sense. RuneScape educated me a lot for sure. It made me a different kind of person. Just like you I found youtube videos. A philosopher which places videos on psychology and cheap OSRS gold philosophy for free on yt, Notably jordan Peterson.

Iam starting my next session of technology studies shortly and've taken my studies more seriously. Good job.