EA has been working hard behind the scenes to deal with the popular FixMaddenFranchise label. Since the hashtag ranked first, they have communicated with the community, and now they have released the first detailed classification information of the three updates to the Madden 21 franchise model. EA stated in the note that their goal is that franchised users can download and implement these changes without having to restart their franchise. As usual, the income in the game is not much, Buy MUT Coins can reduce the players' meaningless challenges.

Here are the updated details:
    X-factor/superstar ability customization: This feature, which is strongly requested by the community, allows the commissioner to assign X-factor to any player by editing the player function. Once the player meets the conditions for unlocking the X element ability, the commissioner can edit his player's Superstar ability and Superstar X element ability by selecting the ability from his position group. Users can control this feature in offline and online franchise operations.
    Player card professional statistics user interface: For several years, this has been the highest requirement of the community. The team is revising the player card statistics to include more background information in the season statistics, such as the number of weeks, opponents and results. It also provides the players' teams for each year of their careers.
    Developer characteristics return and adjustment: The team is adjusting the development characteristics of players based on the franchise model to ensure that superstars and X-factor players maintain a proper balance when making progress in the franchise.
    Playoff bracket: A visual playoff bracket will be added to the game to reflect the new wildcard format, allowing users to view the entire playoff picture.

EA plans to update for the first time in November, which will undoubtedly make some fans feel uncomfortable, even if Madden 21 Coins can improve the experience of the game. Major development like this takes time, especially if it is done correctly. But if the update is unsuccessful, then these next two activities may make franchise players happy with the final product. At the same time, Madden 21 Coins is also very helpful to the experience of the game.