The three phase electricity meter active energy meter is a product manufactured using advanced microelectronic technology and SMT production technology. It is used for the measurement of three-phase AC active energy with a rated frequency of 50Hz. The three-phase active electric energy meter has infrared and RS485 port communication functions, adopts LCD display mode, and can be set and read the electricity with a handheld meter reading machine. It is an ideal meter for realizing residential electricity billing. It also has the characteristics of high metering accuracy, high sensitivity, reliable performance, wide load, low power consumption, small size, light weight, simple operation and easy installation.

The three-phase electronic meter complies with all the technical requirements for electronic energy meters in the GB/T17215 standard. It has the function of forward and reverse bidirectional measurement, that is, reverse electric energy forward measurement. Three-phase electronic active energy meter display function, the power display adopts 7-digit LCD display, of which 5 integer digits and 2 decimal places; it can also be 6 integer digits and 1 decimal place; the unit is kWh, and the accumulated active power is recorded Total electricity consumption. When the electric energy meter communicates with external equipment, the communication indicator lights up, indicating that the electric energy meter is in the communication state. It has a passive isolated electrical energy pulse output port, the pulse output is a square wave, and the pulse width is not less than 80ms±20%. Infrared setting 3 phase electricity meter number, reading power, setting password, reset power.