The first week of Madden 21 update will be released next week, which includes an accurate 53-man lineup. Of course, with the release of Madden 21 in August, the list of teams in the game is out of date. But they will be updated soon, which will mean that Buy MUT Coins can buy new players.

The 53-person roster update for "Madden 21" will be released next week. However, Madden did not provide a specific date. Based on previous years, it is assumed that the update will arrive at the beginning of the NFL season on Thursday night. The first game of the season is the Houston Texans vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. On September 10th, this gave the team approximately 3 days to complete all actions. This is not easy, but they usually resolve it in time.

Last year's "Madden 20" week 1 roster update was only available a few hours before the first game. We may be the same as Madden 21 this year. EA chief Smith said that since Madden 21 was released in August, the update on its roster has been minor, and next week's update will "include everything." This means that not only today but also all roster migrations from previous days should be included. And there must be many.

In the past few days, there have been some notable versions. The Miami Dolphins released Josh Rosen after being unable to find a working partner. The Washington football team parted ways with veteran Adrian Peterson. The Dallas Cowboys cut safety Haha Clinton Dix. The list of surprising actions continues.

All these moves should be reflected in Madden 21's week 1 roster update. The first week of last year’s update contained more than 1,500 changes, and we might expect the same number this time. Unfortunately, if you have already started the franchise in Madden 21, you must restart if you want the latest accurate roster.

It is worth mentioning that EA also plans to release a title update next week. This will be carried out separately from the roster update, but it is also expected to arrive on September 10th. Players will complete different challenges to harvest Madden 21 Coins and finally unlock new players. It will include many gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. At the same time, the first update dedicated to improving the franchise model is scheduled to be released in November.