The inventor of the controversial Reddit post detailing how to kill Venezuelan RuneScape players in RuneScape, who wants to RuneScape gold be understood just as Sam, tells Polygon that his post was misinterpreted by readers, and was just supposed to be a"dark joke" comparing Venezuelan RuneScape players to robots. He says he had been amazed at the thread escalated into comments. Asked if he felt guilty regarding the answers to the thread, and the impact which encouraging RuneScape players to aim RuneScape players from Venezuela could have on that group, he says:"I mean, if there was a circumstance where somebody lost four hours of farming, then I would absolutely feel guilty. Allow me to be clear: I do believe [this ] if me or anyone was really having an impact on peoples' lives doing this, we would feel guilty. I think what scares people is the potential of the affecting people, though that is unrealistic."

Sam notes that many Venezuelans play enjoyment instead of gold and a lot of the Venezuelan RuneScape players we have spoken to say the same, they perform for enjoyment or profit from RuneScape by playing it legitimately instead of by carrying out intensive gold farming procedures. Those RuneScape players are eager to voice their concerns about the animosity they face, and state that while they're aware farming is contrary to RuneScape's terms and conditions, they're simply playing this manner only because they don't have any other option. "a lot of individuals don't know why we farm gold in RuneScape; they think we do it as a hobby and don't imagine the actual reason behind the reason why we do it."

"I really appreciate that, and such people usually know the reasons why Venezuelans promote gold in RuneScape.''``I have seen a true mix [of comments]," says Perez. "Some horrible shit from people that are racist or'trolling' but in the other end people who seem really keen to encourage you. That the good has outweighed the bad. Last month another sort stranger contributed 1k to my [bitcoin] account because he wanted to buy food for my community" This stranger has been in touch with Perez to make this a monthly donation. Acts of kindness toward Venezuelan RuneScape players are not rare. One RuneScape participant from the Netherlands reached out to help, also noticed an influx of users.

"I essentially try to help [Venezulan RuneScape players] because they deserve better within their real life," he says. "I offer them help and do giveaways because I have enough cash. It helps them so muchbetter. They all barely speak English, so it's difficult for them to learn from themselves too." He doesn't feel that the increase in RuneScape players is having a negative influence on RuneScape, but it's really helping the in-game economy. He tells us he has met with a wide range of RuneScape players running the gamut from people who perform RuneScape to help feed their whole families whenever they need extra money to people who mainly play for enjoyment but will turn into OSRS Money farming that is gold.