Happy Home Academy (HHA) has been one of the features of the animal crossing game for many years, and it also exists in New Horizons. In the previous issues of Animal Crossing, HHA was called Happy Room Academy (HRA) and was managed by the ruthless insurance agent Lyle, although he has not yet appeared in New Horizons.

However, players can still earn ratings for their houses, and if the ratings are high enough, they can get a variety of exclusive prizes. Players should collect as many ACNH Items as possible, because they are necessary for your survival.

The player has nothing when he comes to the desert island. When the player upgrades from the initial tent to the actual residence, the HHA will be unlocked. HHA can help players design and decorate houses. Players will receive a letter of introduction informing them that HHA will award them a daily score based on their furniture and their subsequent position in the house.

Similarly, players of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game may also get advice on how to improve the space when the score is low, such as clearing chaos and getting rid of cockroaches. If they follow the instructions to make the next day's changes, their HHA score may increase and will increase their chances of receiving rewards, such as HHA patches or clothing.

HHA score is an interesting way for players to challenge themselves and get rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and easily increase their scores in various ways. There is no reason not to pursue higher evaluations. ACBellsBuy Jiang Wei players have listened to various mission guides, and when you need to Buy ACNH Items, you can buy it at the lowest price.