Madden 21 wants to make football fun. Since the launch of the new Superstar KO mode in the game last year, this has been the main trend of the old grill series. Gone are the solemn simulations of many large stadiums in the United States and the Dusselt-style professorial tunes played field by field. Instead, the players drafted an elite team of all-professional players and entered the cervical spine in the veritable Thunder Dome. No bets, no shots, and no reason to make the most long throws than this book. After winning, you have the right to request a player from your opponent's roster or Buy MUT Coins to get new players.

The main new game mode in Madden 2020 is called The Yard. The Yard is played in a six-on-six format and is subject to backyard rules. The same players play both offensively and defensively. Each team gains 3 offensive drives. Potential commandos need to perform the classic "Mississippi 1 Mississippi" count before they can pass the screen.

Like many other annualized franchises, Madden has fallen into its own comfortable pattern. Madden 21 is rarely disappointing, but as we find that many contact points remain the same year after year, the halo is diminishing. The almost perfect fax of the franchise model as the incarnation of its past is back. Control franchises that are not operating well and try to make them respectable through cornerback exercises and detailed reconnaissance reports.

For Madden Ultimate Team, this is a closed economy that collects hell. It requires players to form a top team through a bunch of microtransactions or a lot of polishing. I activated the mode, completed the first challenge, and immediately acquired Blake Botska, who is known as the worst quarterback on a playoff team in recent memory. I traded him for a little bounty, which finally allowed me to increase the speed of the wide receiver by one percent.

Football is still fun. This has been Madden's money-saving choice for several years. All the mechanisms you are familiar with are ready. Press and hold the trigger to sprint, then tap the button of the receiver to eject a wave crest. EA, as always, promises to bring a series of new gameplay wrinkles, and you can now seamlessly combine all ball carrier movements with the correct joystick. In fact, the new features I appreciate more are some tool tips on the HUD. These tips let me know how some of Madden's more mysterious programs work when the game feels that I may be messing up. For example, I now know exactly how to perform RPO, or how to hear from the traditional reward scheme when my opponent is out with an additional kick.

Of course, the content in "Madden 21" is painted with a "game as a service" veneer. As Hugh, The Yard also has a personalized customization function. Different structures and types of networks can endlessly customize the game. If you only need the hard-earned Madden 21 Coins to spend on your Goldenrod football jersey, then you have come to the right place.