PET Blowing Machine is the machine that blows the bottle. The most obvious explanation is the machine that can blow plastic pellets or finished preforms into bottles by certain means. The blow molding machine is convenient and quick, and has a large amount of molding. After it appears, it replaces most of the artificial blowing bottles and is used by most beverage companies.

Before starting the machine, check whether the temperature control is sensitive, whether the meter is malfunctioning, and whether the cooling waterway is unblocked.

It is usually detected by means of a thermometer or cooling water.

Heat the screw, barrel, and die of the blow molding machine according to the operating procedure of the blow molding machine. After the temperature rises to the set temperature, it must be kept for another 10 minutes to start up, so that the temperature of each part of the machine tends to be stable.

Before starting the machine, be sure to tighten the screws and bolts of each part of the die.

The operator must not stand in front of the die before the material is extruded, to prevent the bolt or screw from breaking and causing injury.

When starting to extrude, the screw speed should be slow, and then gradually speed up to prevent overload and damage the machine at startup.

When starting the machine, first add a small amount of material and keep the feeding balance.

Pay attention to various values such as torque when feeding. After the material is extruded from the die and pulled onto the traction equipment, the amount of material can be gradually increased until normal extrusion.

When starting to pull, the shaping dies, and the die should have a certain distance to facilitate traction.

Open the waterway (be careful not to pour the water to the die, otherwise, it will cause the die to be out of the way and cause the material to break or block the mold). The shape of the complex cavity is small and the multi-cavity profile needs to open the cover of the die. . in

After confirming that the extruded material is plasticized normally, the material is drawn onto the tractor through the set traction rope. Shorten the distance between the set table and the die, cover the cover, and start the vacuum pump. When the extrusion speed and the traction speed are basically balanced, the distance between the shaping table and the die is reduced to an ideal value after observing the profile to normal extrusion.

If it is found that the parison is not formed at the inlet end of the sizing die or the inner rib adheres to the inner cavity surface of the profile, a small tool can be used to poke a small hole in the unformed part of the inner rib of the inlet end of the first section of the sizing die. The small cavity is connected to the atmosphere, and the parison is open when the mold is placed, which facilitates the formation of negative pressure, and causes the parison to be closely attached to the mold wall of the sizing die.

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