The Passenger Elevator Factory, which are frequently used on weekdays, carry a large amount of passenger traffic every day. The confined space and frequent personnel entry and exit have become a high-risk area for the spread of the virus during the epidemic, discouraging many people.

  1. When stopping and opening the door: continuously replace the air in the elevator car to maintain a low-bacterial purification state;

During elevator operation: the air is sterilized by the ultraviolet lamp at the air inlet, and the ozone and negative ions generated by the negative ion generator are used for secondary sterilization and dust removal; the number of car changes per hour is more than 50;

  1. Choose professional-grade ultraviolet germicidal lamps according to elevator usage scenarios, which can effectively kill viruses and bacteria. Combined with elevators, it can automatically control the opening and closing of ultraviolet rays, without stopping the elevator and not irradiating the human body; the car door maze structure design prevents ultraviolet rays from leaking;
  2. Add antibacterial ion materials to elevator buttons to avoid contact transmission;
  3. Due to the difference in models, the cost of the sterilization system solution of elevator lift factory is between 1500-3000 yuan per set.