With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the use of powerful magnets has become more and more widely used. Magnetic Steel are resistant to corrosion and can withstand temperatures up to 220°. In many special occasions, products with stronger magnetic effects are required. There are certain differences in the magnetic effect shown by the thickness of the magnet. The magnetism of a strong magnet can reach more than 12,000 Gauss. Such a magnet can provide greater magnetic force to assist many large-scale equipment in normal operations. .

Powerful magnets have the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Be careful not to let some electronic devices approach when you control them. Due to the strong magnetic force, many internal components of electronic devices will be damaged, and the electronic components cannot be guaranteed to work under normal conditions.

In addition, the magnetism of magnets is used in compasses, magnetic blackboards, whiteboards, magnetic stationery boxes, magnetic labels, refrigerator doors, etc. Powerful magnets are also used in electronic products such as mobile phones, televisions, headphones, audio, and medical, geography, and geological prospecting. , Mining, military weapon production, communication satellites, toys, industrial products,Office Magnet etc.