Despite many controversies and a less satisfactory player base, Madden NFL 21 is the best-selling game in August 2020. MUT 21 Coins are used to increase the player's strength in the game.

When facing Madden series games, players are often divided into two categories. Either players don't care about the series at all, or they are very enthusiastic. This is why it is necessary to pay close attention to the addition of Colin Kaepernick to the game like Madden 21, but it is not as important for game fans as updating the gameplay. Many players want to stand out from the "Madden NFL 21" mainly for the franchise model, graphics and player selection updates. Unfortunately, these things are rarely introduced, leading players to severely criticize the game. However, if the sales figures have something to say, none of the criticism seems to have affected the game as severely as some people hoped.

For the Madden series, requesting new features is nothing new. In fact, it has become a tradition for Madden players to require certain changes and not accept them. However, a large part of the Madden NFL 21 controversy this year focused on malfunctions and errors found in the game. The poor animation and interactive effects led fans to call on the NFL to abandon EA as its only video game adaptor. None of this seems to affect the sales of the game, because it turns out that "Madden NFL 21" is the best-selling game in August.

In addition to leading this month's PlayStation store downloads, "Madden 21" is the best-selling game in August and the sixth best-selling game of the year so far. The game made EA an amazing amount of money, and because it includes microtransactions, it may make more money. This may make players who do not like the Madden series doubt the possibility of the game and its series being so popular.

Madden is the only video game franchise officially licensed by the NFL. Therefore, those who love American football and want a player who can use real football players can only turn to Madden. This has led to franchising not necessarily innovative, but there are still many players flocking to it. Therefore, "Madden 21" is the worst-rated game by users on Metacritic and the best-selling game in August. Now you can buy Madden Coins at a low price in GameMS.