Hopefully thats a reflection of how mid 70's is JUST good enough to hit shots consistently. Seems like 75 is past years 60 (which is how it shouldv'e been all along). In saying that 2K21 MT, will only take two weeks to the playground community to whinge about how challenging shooting is. I mean I begged mike to never alter it so maybe he will just hit the complainers with"get better evaluations."

Now 2k21 everyone wants to utilize the rod and says it sucks. If you do not like the stick just go back to using button. I know that MyCareer and MyPlayer doesn't transfer over to following gen - but have they said anything about rep moving over? Nothing from your MyCareer/Neighbourhood will. What do you define as adequate handles? I'd say its entirely dependant on whether you mean'run a crime' grips, or'secondary chunk handler' handles or'I will blowby my man into the rim' handles.

Red/Blue looks mad this season. Ify you forego any shooting, I will get you a 6'6 SG using 75 Ball Handling and 94 Driving Dunk with a badge divide of 23/1/15/21. I believe it could be an insane offball construct if you arent a shooting lover. Let me know if you want the build. I went to download the demo and I dont see it anywhere, anyone know what I need to do/what I could do wrong I dont ever see it? After coming back today with a clear head, is anybody else changing their first thoughts of this demonstration? I loathed the shot rod and what not, at first but after sitting for a hour learning it, its really a decent fix. It requires some work as it isnt perfect, but this is one of these things where folks only want to be the best at things without working for it.

I skipped 2k21 and was thinking of getting this one

It's an account that is not your main. Like another account. Usually a smurf is someone who is like Elite 2 who plays Buy 2K MT on a Guru 3 accounts to get games easier. That is terrible. The shot thing is borderline unplayable, they're selling their soul to the E-Gaming bullshit, I'm outside, pass. Sticking to 19 as I were last year also.