In Eve Online, a large-scale war in the southwest has begun. Players are also making their own efforts for the war. There are tens of thousands of accounts at both ends of the conflict. This is World War Bee2. At that time, the server of this game can base load this game. As the developer of CCP Games, he told Polygon that more than two years have passed since this matter is basically ready.

Eve Online players are preparing for their million dollar battle in January 2018. According to statistics, there are a total of 6,000 players participating in this game, and things have become uncontrollable. The players' clients crashed, they said it was because their ship didn't respond immediately. CCP said that things have exceeded their Cheap EVE Echoes ISK expectations and did not develop in the direction they expected, but CCP said they will strengthen the stability of the game.

ErlendurS.Torsteinsson of CCP Explorer sent Polygon an email, in which he stated that after 2018, CCP will install and improve server hardware. Intel provides the best available server hardware for these improvements, and it has increased performance by 20% over the hardware installed in 2015. We can play the game very smoothly, ensuring that all this is a large-scale battle system and the neighboring system has a new server node specially allocated.

This Thursday, a large number of players will gather for a series of key battles, which is a very good start. The powerful PAPI alliance siege Goonswarm of Gianturco. PAPI's fleet commander, PAPI, told Polygon that in order to build a beachhead for Goonswarm's Delve family system, it will start vigorously around noon Eastern Time. This is not simply a gathering of many people in one place, nor is it a matter of multiple contact between multiple galaxies.Many players say that obtaining EVE Echoes ISK in EVE Echoes is a tedious and difficult process, and they need to log in and complete tasks every day to get it. In fact, this is not necessary, will give you a simple method. If you need EVE Echoes ISK, you can buy it on MMOWTS.