erection problem

Responding to stimulation, the penis may know the erection reflex which will then allow the smooth running of a sexual intercourse. If this natural mechanism is a reflex in most cases, some disorders may occur. Find out how this male function reacts and controls the sex life of the person concerned.

Erection, a natural mechanism

Erection is a natural and normal mechanism in humans. It occurs as a result of a stimulus that can be of several kinds:

  • Physics: by touching, tactile stimulation of the penis or a caress of his or her partner or the individual himself or her
  • Psychic: wanting your partner, imagining it, etc.
  • Sensory: looking at a desirable body, smelling a perfume that seduces or touching his or her partner, etc.

It can therefore be obtained at any time of the day and sometimes even at night without any particular stimulus, it is then a spontaneous erection linked to the sleep cycle and its paradoxical phases.

The penis, an erectile organ with a complex mechanism

The penis consists of four distinct and complementary parts:

  • Two cavernous bodies
  • A spongy body
  • And the urethra

The spongy body is a cylinder that regulates the diameter of the urethra, which itself allows sperm or urine to pass through. Cavernous bodies, on the other hand, are kinds of sponges that can contract or expand to allow or not the blood flow into the penis.

When the blood is blocked, the sex is flaccid and says "at rest", while when the blood passes, it swells and then stiffens. This is called tumescence and then erection. It is therefore these anatomical parts that make it possible to achieve a functional erection. Finally, these 3 bodies are all covered by an elastic membrane called the albugina, which protects them.

To better understand the mechanism of erection, here are the different phases that make up it:

  • This essential function of man is established from the in-utero life
  • It begins with a phase called "flaccidity" that corresponds to the rest of the penis
  • Then, the rod gradually swells with blood, increasing in size and volume. This mechanism is called tumescence. It is directly related to sexual stimulation or sleep (during paradoxical phases)
  • Finally, the last step corresponds to the rigidity phase. The swelling is at its maximum and the sex becomes very rigid. The erection is in place and allows the man to have full sex
  • The resting of the penis finally corresponds to the detumescence, this is the fourth phase. It then resumes its initial shape and size in a more or less long period of time depending on the individual. A second erection is then possible after a period of rest varying depending on the men, their physical condition and their age.

Erectil disorders

Erections are common in a man's life, but can also experience some malfunctions. This is called erectile dysfunction. Getting and maintaining an erection can therefore be a persistent, punctual or regular difficulty. There may then be a decrease in the rigidity of the penis or a total absence of reaction of the organ.

For a disorder to be treated by a doctor, it cannot be a simple occasional breakdown. Only regular and very troublesome problems for the man as well as his or her partner will be dealt with.

It is also necessary to differentiate between pathological disorders of erection and erectile concerns related to age. It is not uncommon for middle-aged men to notice changes in the quality of their erections, the time it takes for a complete stiffening of the limb or the duration of an effective and qualitative erection.

The different causes of erectil disorders

Controlled by the neurological system on the one hand and hormonal on the other hand, but also by the psychic of the individual, the erection can meet the concerns of all three types. Some diseases and their treatments may therefore be responsible, as can certain risky behaviours (smoking, alcohol or drug use, obesity, etc.). In addition, extreme fatigue or high stress can lead to more or less severe disorders.

In cases of sexual disorders, limited or very important, and to live a serene and fulfilling sex life, there are simple relaxation techniques or heavier drug treatments like blue chew that can be considered. Man, attacked in his own image and manhood can close himself and feel even more depressed. It is therefore important to reassure and accompany him to manage the problem definitively.