Pirates, crooks, foreign invaders and players never existed peacefully in EVE Online. Currently, there is another threat, it is the weather, it will make players change the way the game.

After the latest update was completed, a huge storm appeared in the entire game galaxy. This phenomenon is called "metal storm". It will randomly appear in different star systems, and the chaotic energy emitted by the Triglavian invasion is closely related to it. The storm is spread on the Internet, and the players also approached the EVE Echoes ISK galaxy based on the network of trip gates. After several light years, those vast spatial regions can be involved. They will rely on the gate network to move, although very slowly, but fortunately they still bring the effect of distorting the game to the new area, and finally disappear.

Those players who dare to take risks will be rewarded when they enter the system affected by the core of the storm. A large number of primitive resources were washed out of the depths of space by a storm, and industrialists could mine them and make them their wealth. The abyss space created by the known universe and the invading Trigravia faction, the veil of this mysterious realm has been lifted, making these NPCs appear in systems that do not normally exist.

Players will get the opportunity to explore because of this storm, and the way of fighting in their system has also been changed. At present, there are eight types of "metal storm", and they can be combined to provide the best combination of gains for the spacecraft. Some of these storms will increase your ship’s ability to withstand damage, but at the same time, its ability to accept allied support will decrease. The capabilities of naval guns will be increased during storms, drone weapons will be greatly affected, and their capabilities will become worse and worse.As a derivative product of EVE Online, EVE Echoes realizes the transfer of PC-side games to mobile devices. Let the players shine, the similar game experience makes the players very optimistic about this game. There are many EVE Echoes ISKs you need on the MMOWTS website at low prices. In addition, there are 24 hours of online customer service on MMOWTS to provide you with quality services.